Android Beta app doesn't sync

Steps to reproduce

Start the app and open a document

Expected result

The items sync with web app changes

Actual result

Nothing happens. Tapping refresh doesn’t help. Closing and re-opening the app doesn’t help.


Android 7.1.2, Dynalist Beta

Additional information

I’ve made changes on tens on items at the end of last week. All the changes are visible in the web app (on a computer), but the mobile app still shows the items as they were around 5 days ago.

Hi @uolot, what’s the version of the Android app you’re using? Thanks.

Same for me. I use the latest beta version from the market.

I’m using 1.1.13. However, it turned out, it was not a problem with the Android app.

Some time after I posted here, I’ve been closing all tabs in my browser (on a computer), and the Dynalist tab kept asking my for confirmation, as it didn’t sync the changes. I’ve been trying clicking ‘Sync now’, but it didn’t work (like if it it wasn’t even a link, the mouse cursor didn’t change to a hand when hovering over it).

So, it was not a problem with mobile app not pulling the changes from the server, but with the web app no pushing them. The same happened yesterday on a different computer.

The browser is Google Chrome Version 60.0.3112.90 (Official Build) (64-bit) in the first case (not sure for the yesterday’s situation, I can’t access the other computer until evening today)

It’s exactly the same problem as described here: Document not syncing

I’m not using the Powerpack or Stylish, and I am on Linux.

@Shida please take a look at this…

Looking into the sync issues… There has been multiple in the last few days and I was wondering if it had anything to do with the downtime we had a few days ago.

WTF… Right now as usual I got a message in the upper right corner about new version of the Dynalist, as usual I reloaded the page, but… All of my notes of the last few days disappeared. There is old notes only. In the yesterday’s backup the same situation.
It seems like these days Dynalist wasn’t save anything to the server…

I’m so sorry to hear that! Did you notice what the sync status was when you refresh the tab? And was there at least a pop-up dialog warned “Are you sure you want to leave this site? The change you made may not be save” when you’re about to refresh?

Again I’m really sorry, investigating and fixing this problem as we speak…

@sputnikk one more quick question, if I may: did you go offline during the past few days?

Erica, thanks for the reply. As far as I remember, there was some pop-up message like “Are you sure you want to leave this site?”, but I didn’t take care of it due to the rush hour at work.
As for the being offline — yes I was, because use Dynalist on my laptop (web version).
Anyway, despite very rare issuses like this I’m extremely happy with Dynalist. Thanks for the developing!

Thanks for the kind words and being so understanding! :blush:

If at all possible, please use the desktop app to avoid any data losses while we haven’t fixed the root cause of this. Thanks!

Hi @uolot, sorry for digging this up :grimacing:! We’re cleaning up the bugs and would like to know if the bug is still happening to you? If not we’ll close this bug :slight_smile:

Hi Erica. Sadly I can’t tell anything as I stopped using Dynalist shortly after posting the original post here, due to bugs, slowness and sloppy mobile app. As far I see the situation improved a lot, so I’ll possibly reconsider getting back to using Dynalist soon :slight_smile:

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