Android App Request: options to set zoom in settings

When I use the mobile app, I often hit the bullet point (and zoom in) by accident when selecting a line to edit/update. It can be quite frustrating.

I would love the ability to change how the zoom in feature works.
I think that it would be nice to be able to select either:
(1) single tap bullet point to zoom in (which is how it currently works)
(2) disable the single tap zoom in on the bullet point (and only use the magnifying glass option at the bottom menu to zoom in (when a has the focus)
(3) double tap to zoom in

As PRO members have custom menu options in app, I could see how this could be a PRO feature.
Thank you for your consideration!

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Yes please, I’d love to see this feature!

I use Dynalist primarily on mobile, and it is very frustrating to accidentally zoom in all the time.

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I totally agree. If only the zoom feature was removed, this would be the best app.