Alt + Left & Alt + Right to navigate between dynalists

I discovered that using Alt + Left and Alt + Right to navigate between previous and next pages in Dynalist is very useful. But is that part of the Dynalist shortcut (which I don’t find in the keyboard shortcut list) or just offered by Google Chrome?

Alt+Left/Right is Chrome’s shortcut for going back/forward, and because in Dynalist every place has its own URL, it also navigates back and forward in Dynalist.

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+1 for giving everything a URL so the browser can help you.

I wonder if it might be possible to have similar functionality for the mobile app, say by swiping left or right on the page?

Not as a web app at this point. A customized iOS version would be needed to get iOS specific features and integrations. Dynalist needs more PRO customers so they can add an iOS dev to their already talented staff :smile: