Alt-Drag to duplicate

I loved being able to Alt/Opt–drag an item to duplicate it in Workflowy. A search of this forum seemed to turn up no duplicate threads, so starting this one!

You can Ctrl+Drag to duplicate items. Sorry we haven’t documented that anywhere :frowning:


@Erica Unfortunately, on Macs, Ctrl-Click triggers a right-click, so the item context menu pops up if I try to copy-drag an item.

On macOS, at least, the Ctrl-drag needs to be changed to Opt-drag.

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If on Mac, does Cmd+drag work?

No, Cmd-dragging moves items. Ctrl-dragging tries to copy items, but the context menu pops up. Opt-Drag seem to be the only option.

You don’t need cmd to move item, you can press on item with left mouse button and drag without any modifier key, which means that cmd+drag is free to use for something else.
But I’d also vote for Alt/Opt+drag more than Cmd+drag - Workflowy, Notion, Mac calendar, Intellij, and even Photoshop uses this combination - it seems like a common pattern, at least on OS X.

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Absolutely; even Finder uses Opt-drag to copy files instead of move them.

Click+Drag was implemented pretty early and it definitely was a somewhat arbitrary choice. The only worry we have now is people not getting used to Alt+Drag, but again it’s not a very commonly used thing so we’ll be fine I think.

Will make the changes soon!

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