Allow sharing a single topic / bullet instead of an entire document

I think that sharing a topic / bullet instead of entire document is of great value (like Workflowy does). For instance, I like to keep a list of all my projects; for some I share root topic (meaning I’ve delegated it entirely), but in many cases I’d like to share just a piece of its scope (which corresponds to a bullet)


@Rodrigo_Ferreira_de: Sorry for the late reply!

Thanks for the feedback, I understand it’s useful to your use case. Unfortunately because of how things are structured in Dynalist, it’s not an easy thing to do. Plus, we believe sharing documents make more sense. For example, Google Docs doesn’t let you share a section inside a document either.

As a workaround, you can put details about project A in its separate document, and in your project list, link to it with the [[ syntax. That would allow you to have it shared with others.

I hope that helps!