After opening a bookmark/document having the cursor be placed on the last line

I want by using only keyboard to be able to jump quickly between different parts/documents.
My current solution is to use bookmarks, when I stay in the same document.
I open it via ctrl+o, type the name of the bookmark and then I am in the desired view.

My problem is, my cursor is not placed at the end/last line, so I can’t add new content directly.
There is already the option to place the cursor by default on the first line via settings->general->advanced so you don’t have to use your mouse and click first.

and you can use a shortcut for “Go to end of last item”

But this slows down my felt workflow/is an extra keypress.
I just want to open a part and be able to type directly (pressing enter once would be okay though)

Is there a way to achieve this already, is there a better workflow in general or would that be a feature request, that it is possible to have the option to place the cursor on last line of a view/document by default?

I think you should open such a feature request and see what other people think. I remember that reason for not going to the end of document by default is that we were afraid that “jump” when you open the document would create a surprise for the user.