Advanced search syntax grouping with parenthesis

Hey there,
it would be nice to have an advanced search syntax, where I am able to group different options together.

For example:
(#tag1 #tag2 #tag3) -is:completed

This would translate to “filter with all 3 tags and only show non-completed”.

At the moment this looks like this:
#Tag1 -is:completed OR #Tag2 -is:completed OR ...



Yes. Need this functionality desperately. I’ve seen it requested before in this post. I wonder why it hasn’t been incorporated, yet.

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Hear! Hear!
It doesn’t take all that much complexity in a desired search before having to duplicate elements across multiple “OR” sections starts making the search very (very) long and way more difficult to read / understand.

I understand there are issues/concerns about searching for actual text/content that includes brackets (as has been noted in one or two other old threads where this topic has come up tangentially) - but it must be possible to find something sufficiently rare in place of just normal parentheses to use for ‘brackets’ in search that the risk of it being a problem to search for it is miniscule in comparison to the benefits from having shorter and more readable (and perhaps even more powerful) searches.

My personal suggestion would be “{{ … }}”, or if you think people might use double-curly-braces often enough perhaps go with an extreme set of mixed braces such as “{<[ … ]>}” !!

(PS: I realise this is a somewhat old thread to resurrect, but I couldn’t find a more recent one and wanted to show it’s a long-standing concern rather than simply start a brand new topic)

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