Adding location pins and notification reminders

Hi, I use dynalist on my Android and iPad a lot and it would be awesome to have the ability to tag an item with a locations.

Some other todo/note apps have this ability, an example is Google Keep. You can create a note with text content or (exclusive or) checkboxes content. Each note can then be assigned a date+time reminder or location reminder.


Doctor Knowledge-base

This is how I’d imagine it looking:

  • Things to ask the doctor📍(1234 Street, 5mi away)
    • insurance info
    • office info
    • don’t forget to ask!
      • what happens if I swallow bubble gum?
      • ask for a new prescription for…

UX I’m imagining:

  • create a item, for example a bullet
  • add the location reminder to the doctor’s office, just like !(YYYY-MM-DD)
  • track relevant information related to the doctor
  • when arriving near a location, Dynalist sends a notification


Sometimes I’d like to keep logs of what happened, and where.

  • :date: went to the the park :round_pushpin:(Yosemite, 400mi away)


It would also be awesome to search/view them by location:

  • Query: find all X within 2mi of 📍(1234 street)
  • click on the map view and get all the bullet points scattered on the map with little :round_pushpin:icons


Without this ability, I’m currently making Google Keep with location reminders and adding a dynalist link inside the note.

Title: Reminder for Doctor’s office
Reminder: Doctor Woo’s Office

Agreed. I do the exact same thing But for some season it always notifies me several hours after I have been to the place.