Add widget to mobile to quickly add a note to inbox

I use dynalist for everything. Really, my notes, my lists, my routines, my tasks, my goals, attachements… And i found a way to operate all that by mobile, but the only thing i find a problem in is quick capturing, aka quickly adding notes to inbox. What i do is i ise ticktick widget which even has voice recognition so u can say your note and it becomes words typed. And every single night i have to copy these notes one by one and put it in the right place. I know there is of course on pc the ctrl-shift-I but on mobile there should be a simple little widget that when you press it it opens a window and you write and it saves in your designayed inbox


Are you on android? If so, try the quick dynalist app - it’s designed exactly for this and is awesome saucesome


What about iOS?

Try the Dynawrite app if you’re on iOS. No widget like Android but it does allow you to quickly get a note into your Dynalist inbox

Hi everyone!
I ask to Dynalist team something very simple still (for you can develop soon).
I want a “inbox” button (the icone is the same of the application) in the Android app., in superior of the display.
You get the firt step firts, and after Dynalist team could develop the other optimized functions.
Thruly I would like an inbox with locked smartphone. The Fiinote app has it.
Thank you.

You can make it. They released the API for 3rd party developers to make things like that. I’d rather they focus on core features that aren’t possible via API, personally.

Taking my phone out of my pocket is too much effort so I just speak into a dedicated key of my smartwatch “Hey google add xyz” and “xyz” appears in my dynalist inbox a second later. You can find some inspiration from it: [Tutorial] Add to multiple inboxes! via any voice assistant! [IFTTT Webhooks]

More potential inspiration:

Another solution for PRO users is to use the Braintoss app (on ios and android) to email to Dynalist. This is one of the few apps recommended by David Allen, and it includes voice recognition. A little simpler than messing with the API.

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