Add to Inbox via IFTTT

An IFTTT recipe works this way:

“token”: “TOKEN”,

Use the <<<*>>> brackets to escape the text content. IFTTT probably is grabbing some encoding or html in the email that is causing the failure. I just set this up for a handful of emails with success.

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Anyone tried making this into an IFTTT widget?

Replying to keith - Nope. This doesn’t work either. The applet runs but nothing shows up in inbox even for simple text emails.

I’ve done it a number of times, Robert, both in IFTTT and Zapier. If you’re using IFTTT, make sure you use THREE <<<>>> not just TWO <<>>.

I did :slight_smile:

Here is the ‘body’ section pasted exactly.


Am i missing something?

You’re using the wrong quotes symbol. Not sure it matters to dynalist, but good habit to only use " not ”.

Also this thing works for you right?

“token”: “TOKEN”,
Braces {} around Subject?
API token is copied correctly?
Inbox in DL is set properly?

Otherwise, I dunno Robert. Sorry

this is mine and it works

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If you know how to use terminal try to add something to dynalist from there as a test. If you dont have curl installed you can also use google colab website to run it if you add a ! to the front of curl

curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" --request POST --data "{\"token\":\"BoOtYbOoTy\",\"content\":\"blah\"}"

I have tried every method suggested. No luck! After entering content=textfield i couldn’t save the applet at all!

I am sure i have entered all parameters right. I’ll try with the terminal. Thanks for all the help.

It shouldn’t matter that i am using as my email provider instead of gmail right?!

As long as that is the email registered to the IFTTT account. Is that the problem?

Robert you’re leaving out info. Screen shot the whole ifttt receipt. What’s your trigger? If your trigger is “email” then you are sending an email to a address. It doesn’t matter where it comes from. If your trigger is “Gmail” then you log into your Gmail. If your trigger is Google Assistant then nowhere is email used.

I’m sorry, George. You’re right. There is another thread floating around about sending emails into Dynalist. This one is kind of a hodge podge of a few choices. I’ve been mixing the two of them up so I apologize if I’m leading anyone astray.

Sorry about the delayed reponse.

@BigChungus I have attached screenshots of my current setup, but note that I have tried all other suggestions as well, and none work.

The trigger is email, and it’s the one registered to dynalist. The token is accurate.

I am giving up on this for now,since I don’t use this this feature much, I am replying mostly to thank you guys for assisting,

and in case someone else could use this info to troubleshoot.

ok, just in case you ever come back to it - maybe the IF side (the part not screenshotted) is to blame. Try a different THAN (not dynalist). That’d be the next troubleshooting step. Maybe IFTTT isnt even processing your email. You whitelisted which email its coming from? I forget how the email IF works.

Use application/json instead of plain text

I finally got this working (turns out I had copy-pasted the code with incorrect quote marks), but can’t help but wonder if there isn’t some way to paste each line of an email as sub-items rather than just having the entire email as a note? Would be very useful for sending stuff to myself!

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Commenting to mention this is what got me to buy dynalist pro. Thanks devs.


UPDATE: Here is the new tutorial that now supports multiple inboxes.

How to use multiple inboxes via the Dynalist API

I use a voice assistant as input. But with changes you can use anything on IFTTT as input. You can also use any app that support REST API or curl scripts as input as well.

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