Add spell-checking support for desktop apps



Actually, this is a better solution and mentions some of the bugs associated with Electron’s spell check API (which you linked above).

Also can be fairly simple to add - depending on your codebase, of course.


@Patrick_Black @Matt2 we’ll take a look, thanks!


Many thanks Erica, please let us know!!


@Juan_Noriega: working on this, don’t worry :wink:


Just to update everyone on this (the following is a bit technical) - the official electron-spellchecker has been un-maintained for over a year and no longer works. Most of the other ones derive from electron-spellchecker, such as mixmaxhq/electron-spell-check-provider.

The good news is that we’ve been able to implement almost everything from scratch based on electron-spellchecker’s code along with a lot of help from stackoverflow and electron’s official documentation.

We have everything working already, and we’re on our way to figure out how to deploy it to everybody.

Thanks to everybody for your patience! It will be rewarded very soon!


Thanks for adding spell checking to Desktop Apps last week (set keyboard shortcut to toggle on/off). :+1:


Will it be difficult to implement other languages?


You can change the language in 1.1.14+ now. Only one language can be checked at a time though.


So relieved to see this come through. As some others have stated, the desktop app was “functionless” for me without a spell check, and it’s been a pleasure to use it since this was added. One question:

I accidentally added a mispelled word to the dictionary and wanted to remove it, but it doesn’t seem to be the Mac default dictionary…so it’s somewhere else? Any suggestions on where this is stored?


@Shida: this happened – any ideas?


I believe the file you want to look at is located at


Not sure if it’s a hidden folder though. I don’t have an easily accessible mac right now to check.


@Evan: could you check the method above? Thanks! :slight_smile:


It looks like Mac’s dictionary is the “LocalDictionary” file in that hidden folder, but not the one we want.

There is another doc called “en” which ended up having the word that I had misspelled. So it looks like that document is the one associated with Dynalist’s dictionary.

Issue solved, I think!!



Thanks for the update! Happy to see it’s solved and the misspelled word is gone for good!