Add more features that ALSO reach new users

If dynalist just becomes ANOTHER saas I rely on that goes under, I’m going to have an aneurism. Note, I don’t have reason to believe that it is not doing well financially or anything. This is more or less me being paranoid.

This software is too critical to my daily life now. As such, devs, you need to get your ass in gear in making this more main stream.

Here’s some freebies:

Make sharing documents not suck.
I always want to share my lists with my friends, family, etc, but the current interface for it sucks!

  1. Why does it have to be it’s own document? Why can’t I just share a portion of it?
  2. Why can’t I share a snapshot of the list? Dynalist is a pretty website. I like your formatting. Let me share a “static” version of the list, and let it expire after X days or whatever.
  3. Put a share button somewhere. If you’re like other companies, word of mouth is your biggest expansion vector.

As it is, I put my list into pastebin from the export, then send them to pastebin. You’re losing users this way!

Create a "support dynalist"prompt somewhere.
If there were a link that I could make go away prompting me to tweet or post to facebook information about dynalist, I’d do it, EASILY. I absolutely LOVE dynalist and want to do everything I can. But this is not my imperative. I am in dynalist to get work done. Give me a way to give back, other than pro, and don’t make it obnoxious, if I want it to go away permanently, it should.

The biggest feature of dynalist is that it exists. There are no new features to enjoy if you guys go under. Don’t go under. :anger:


This was meant to be tongue in cheek, but reading it this morning it comes across as pretty aggressive.

I love dynalist, and I realize devs are doing everything they can.


Tough love :joy:


Thanks for the tough love! :joy:

All I can say is that we’ll try… all the growth hacking techniques out there honestly sound pretty bad things to do in the long term, so our plan is just to slowly polishing up things and listen to what you guys want. I hope that would get us covered so that we don’t go under.

Honestly, we’ve received many emails like this screaming “omg omg omg what if you guys go under someday”. Mixed feelings. We’re happy that you rely on Dynalist for your work so much, but it feels a little unnecessary since we don’t see any bad signs yet. If we do start to see bad signs one day (i.e. huge user churn), we’ll (1) try our best to not go under (faster product development, pivot if necessary), and (2) if (1) fails, give notice in advance, release all your data, and possibly open source Dynalist (might not be able to maintain it forever but hopefully the community will take over).

I hope the game plan above sounds satisfactory to you!


This is a wonderful philosophy Erica - you guys are great :slight_smile:


If Dynalist releases features when they work and not prematurely, then it will continue to have a stellar reputation and grow. Rushing out buggy software is my pet peeve! And heaven forbid at some point development stops, at least we’re all left with a stable product that continues to perform doing what we’ve all come to love. A reliable, stable product that works 99.9% of the time is so much better than a program that promises bells and whistles that only works 75% of the time.

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