Add a shortcut or trigger to insert link to another item without formatting

We have trigger [[ where you can find an item which you want to create link.
It create []() formatted link so it done’t change description if you change linked item content.

Other way is to find the item you need and click on menu button Get link
Which is pointing to item and just show you it content styled as link.

Could you please add shortcut or trigger that will do the same that [[ (search for item) but will insert it like regular link?

Currently it 2 workarounds to do so, but they take a lot of effort to do so:

  • use [[ and remove formatting after
  • long one. Go find item. Click on get link. Go back insert it.

Seconded. I use raw links more often than named ones now, so it would be nice to have a different shortcut, or perhaps a setting for how [[ behaves…

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@Craig_Oliver Some update about this here: Link to another item doesn't get updated after updating item

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