Account registration problem

I tried to sign up with my main Google email directly by creating a password and not using the “Sign up with Google”. I didn’t receive any confirmation email in almost 4 days and my email is blocked from trying the “Sign up with Google” way. I even tried to sign up with my other email accounts (not Google) but again, no confirmation email. And yes, I looked into the spam folders.

I tried to contact Dynalist using the “Contact us” form, but did not receive any response in over 3 days.

So now I had to create a new Google email to get to the forum and have a chance for getting a response. I would like to use Dynalist with my main Google account. What do I have to do to achieve that? Can I send somewhere my main email address to reset it and allow the “Sign up with Google”?

Hi Marty,

I’m so sorry you’re going through this!

I don’t think we ever got your ticket – maybe because we’re using the same mail server for delivering registration and support emails.

In any case, I checked your account and it looks like it’s activated now. Is that the case?