Accidentally deleted list

I was looking @ a list I had just finished on the computer, on my phone. I was attempting to delete an unamed list when I accidentally deleted the list I just finished. It was the n my phone and I ment to delete the above it. Is there any way to restore? It has taken me weeks to fix it. Thanks

Yes, on the computer version right click on the relevant file and go to version history - the rest should be obvious enough

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Yeah, what @Stephen_Dewitt said. If you’re not a Pro user, you can activate the free trial by completing the onboarding tutorial. Or we can give you a few days of free Pro to restore it.

Just let me know!

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Added 3 days. Let me know if you need more.

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Thank you for your response but the file was deleted on the computer as well so there was no file history.

Yes, could i try the free trial to restore it? Also, I would need help how to do it. Thank you.

Already added Pro. If you deleted the document, PM me or reply me with the document name.

If the document is still there and you want to go back to the previous version, use the version history feature.


The documents on the Android app were not not syncing to the web and desktop, so I exported the documents and reinstalled the app; however, I forgot to export one extremely important document and I have now lost it.

Is there anyway I can restore the document?

Also, there was an older version of the document on the web app that I accidentally deleted; is there anyway I can restore this as well? I have the document link to it if it would help recover it in any way, although when I click on the link it says ‘no document is open’.


So this document only existed in the Android app, and never showed up on the web and desktop app, is that right? In that case, we can’t recover it, sorry.

Yes, if it has been synced, we can recover it. Just PM me the document name or better yet, the document id.

I have the same issue here. I accidentally deleted a list that I spent a LOT of time creating. I’m not sure when it happened, could have been weeks ago. Is there any way to recover it? Are you able to hook me up with a few days of PRO so I can try to find/recover it? I’d greatly appreciate it if so!

Added 3 days of courtesy Pro for your recovery. Please look up version history in our help center on how to recover it, thanks!

It’s not obvious, there’s no reference in the help system to “restore”, can’t find any instructions how to restore a backup. I don’t see any menu options pertaining to either backup or restore. Is there some way to restore a deleted list where it happened, or immediately after the Ctrl-Z didn’t work?

To restore OPML backup: (under “Import from OPML”).

You’re right about the “restore” keyword though, we should probably add that to all these articles.

Hi, Erica! Can you help me, too? I accidentally deleted a document and I don’t know how to recover it.

PM’ed you.

Hi there,

I am new in Dynalist and I accedently deleted my folder.
How can I get that back?

Thank you

Hi, a listitem magically disappeared from my list. Any way to restore it? I still need it… (this gives me trust issues)

I have a list that vanished - whom do i contact to try and get this restored please?

Hello, I also noticed that I am missing notes from a file, which is very important to me. I probably deleted it unintentionally. Can I also get a 3 day free period to refund them?

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I am also deleted when i am free pro, i deleted my folder when i am free pro user, but now i am free user, how can i get restore my deleted folder, please some help