Accidentally deleted list



I was looking @ a list I had just finished on the computer, on my phone. I was attempting to delete an unamed list when I accidentally deleted the list I just finished. It was the n my phone and I ment to delete the above it. Is there any way to restore? It has taken me weeks to fix it. Thanks


Yes, on the computer version right click on the relevant file and go to version history - the rest should be obvious enough


Yeah, what @Stephen_Dewitt said. If you’re not a Pro user, you can activate the free trial by completing the onboarding tutorial. Or we can give you a few days of free Pro to restore it.

Just let me know!


Added 3 days. Let me know if you need more.


Thank you for your response but the file was deleted on the computer as well so there was no file history.


Yes, could i try the free trial to restore it? Also, I would need help how to do it. Thank you.


Already added Pro. If you deleted the document, PM me or reply me with the document name.

If the document is still there and you want to go back to the previous version, use the version history feature.