Abiltiy to Delete Obsolete Tags

As a user, I would like to be able to delete Tags from the Tag Panel after they have outlived their usefulness.

Min Functionality:

  1. Ability to select multiple tags
  2. Remove the Tags wherever they are found.

Additional Functionality:

  1. Warn if it is in multiple active nodes.
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If you’re talking about within a document, right now a workaround is to rename it to an empty string. That should delete it.

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Actually, I meant from the Tag Panel.

Use case: at some point “GizmoCo” was an important topic for me. I have all my research tagged. The project is over. I don’t want to visit everywhere I have #GizmoCo tags on material. I want to go to one place and delete the tag. The material doesn’t go away but is no longer tagged.

Yeah, you can rename a document-level tag to empty to remove it.

Like this:


Instead of inputting another tag, delete it and only leave an empty string.

That would work, but how did you get to “Rename”?

I’ve tried in the web app, the windows app and the Android app. But can’t figure it out…

Right click on a document-level tag. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for global tags right now.