Ability to edit URL in app

[Found a solution. See reply]
I’m saving Tweets to Dynalist by going permalink>share to Dynalist. These land in the Inbox as URL. I’d like to add my own short text or tags but I can’t get to it without launching the hyperlink. I can delete by swiping away but would like to be able to touch to select and edit rather than launching. If there’s a way I’d like to know, otherwise maybe something can be added.

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OK, I’ve found a solution: you can insert some text in the box containing the link at the point just before pressing Add. This gives you something to click and edit later.

Hmm, does taping on the right end of the item work?

Or maybe we should append a space at the end of a URL to solve this issue?

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Thanks for your reply Erica. If simply added with no modifications it always launches the hyperlink wherever you click. However I replied to myself here to say you can edit the link in the opening page where you click Add. Must putting any text gives a handle for later. That’ll do for me though maybe not immediately obvious to everyone. As such it works really well and I look forward to using it more now.

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Thanks for providing the workaround!

If possible, we’d still like to fix the original bug. Are you using the Android or iOS app? I tried sharing a link to Dynalist, and was able to edit it by touching the end of the line (close to the right edge of the screen). Were your links close to the right edge, leaving no place to tap?

Hi again
Okay, I see I can touch the end of the line to edit but it’s quite fine and more often I miss and launch it. It’s not that the hyperlink is close to the the of the line. Just a question of sausage fingers on my part. And not really being sure where I need to click. I’m on an Android phone.

If your item is the last one in the document, you should also be able to tap the big empty space at the bottom of the document to put your cursor at the end of the item.

Let me know if that works for you! :slight_smile:

I know this thread is old so I hope it’s not bad form to wake it up.

I love Dynalist, but this is one of the those real PIA annoyances that is still a problem and I can’t believe nobody cares enough to address it. Dev team please come up with a way to allow me to edit the URL without some workaround like adding a blank space or precisely touching the right pixel? I do all my bookmarks in Dynalist but have been considering moving to Keep.

Thanks for your help!