Ability or option for Swipe to Indent

Coming from a mature app called Outliner (on Android) I find using Dynalist great for instant sync, but not as easy or intuitive to use and organize notes into, well, an outline. I have to select the item, then use the indent button in the menu. Two touches. In Outliner, swipe right or left acts to quickly indent or unindent items, this is similar to dragging items to higher or lower positions which both applications share.

I don’t use Dynalist’s swipe as I don’t use done or delete nearly as often as creating and formatting my outlines, and find myself using the menu to delete or mark as done.

Solution: add an option for swipe functionality including indent (swipe right or unindent (swipe left).

My use case is that creating and organizing dozens of hundreds of lines into an outline is much more frequent than deleting or completing a few items. Therefore its cumbersome and a hassle now, so this would be a highly useful feature. I don’t see why this shouldn’t be the default behavior of swipe.