A way to create recurring tasks?

Date tags were one of the big reasons I ended up switching to Dynalist from Workflowy. This has been incredibly helpful, although I’d love a way to easily create recurring tasks.


Hey Frank,

I would want the same feature. I seem to recall it’s something that’s been brought up before but I’m not really sure if it’s on the list of to-be developed.

Usually I mark each item a date, and everyday I use the search box to search by within:today to look at what I need to take care of. Although you can definitely use tag like #Today instead, but i would be good if we can have the option to mark a item a recurring date, and it also makes sense to use date function to indicate a date instead of having to use tag. To me the behavior would be more organized then: date exclusively for time-related highlight, while tag for whatever else you use it for.