A simple but useful idea for helping with educational uses of Dynalist

I think Dynalist is a terrific tool for compiling knowledge and ideas for a certain topic. For example, I use it compile a long list of quotes or vocabulary words that I come across.

However, one additional feature will make these lists incredibly more powerful: ability to repeatedly show a random item in a list i.e. flashcard like preview. This could be as basic as possible in terms of interface, but ability to browse items randomly can be a huge help in reviewing and retaining a long list of items. This will make Dynalist a dual purpose app for me: my workflow manager and also my knowledge database. I don’t really use it much for the latter purpose right now.

Would be curious to hear your thoughts on if this can fit inside your vision for Dynalist ?

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This is one reason I am keen to see an API implemented. Features like this, while useful to have, probably only add to feature bloat.

An API would allow all sorts of fancy GUI stuff (including randomisation, or repetition-spaced flashcards) easy to implement, either in a web page or a smartphone app.


+1 to a good API, always.