A quick way to go to inbox


I see.

Keeping the breadcrumb navigation visible at all times isn’t a bad idea though.

When I do testing on Safari, it often annoys me that I need to do a meaningless scroll up just to make the navigation bar at the bottom appear, to go back a page. The trade-off here is if you want more screen or more convenience.

Also I just realized I’m talking about the bar at the bottom that allows you to go back or switch browser tabs.

This toolbar here:

The top bar only lets you change URL and refresh.


Yes it has a different function, but I’m saying I like the stuff to go away, but give me an easy way to get those crumbs to show again.

It depends. If we talk about a narrow bar and nothing else it’s fine. (But we also need the current Title Line to know where we are at.

Just don’t compound it with the keyboard and icon bar and make it so i only get to see one item because the rest is all these other things.


Yeah, we’ll definitely be careful about that.


Idea: Put a zoom-out button next to the Undo button on mobile. (I keep wanting to press the undo to zoom-out because it almost looks like it might do what i’m looking for.) This would serve instead of a sticky breadcrumbs bar.


Interesting idea.

The zoom-out button doesn’t do 100% what a breadcrumb does though, especially when you’re > 5 levels deep. For example, to go up by 3 levels, it requires 3 taps rather than 1 tap with the breadcrumb.

The advantage, of course, is that it’s more space efficient.

We’ll think about it!


My suggestion would be this - when using the shortcut for add to inbox, you can press a key combo to submit the text to the inbox, as well as going to the inbox. e.g.
Bring up inbox add (using keyboard shortcut):

  • type some text, press enter, send item to inbox
  • type some text, press “ctrl+enter”, send item to inbox and go to inbox
  • type no text, press “ctrl+enter” and go to the inbox


Hi, thanks for the reply, this is already implemented as a customizable shortcut :slight_smile:


hi - I am aware of the shortcut - “go to inbox location” - which I assume is what you are referring to (?) but my suggestion is different from this. Would it be possible to read my post again as am not sure how to else to explain it? thanks


Ah, sorry for replying too fast last time. I see what you meant now.

That’s actually a really good idea. I think we can still keep the customizable shortcut, to make it easier (one keyboard shortcut rather than two) to go there for people who know the shortcut.

What I previously meant was that right now it’s possible to do those things, just not in the same ways. For example, you can capture to inbox first, and then invoke the keyboard shortcut to go there. It does feel more coherent to put these things in the same UI though.

The “Move to” dialog can probably borrow the same ideas.