A few bugs with copying/pasting from 'Version History'

Hey team,

I honestly have no idea how I did it, but I somehow managed to delete ALL the notes within a notebook. :weary:

Unfortunately, because we’re unable to restore a previous version, I was at mercy of the version history. I’m super appreciative that I didn’t lose all my data (THANKS!), but I did happen to stumble across a few bugs that made this retrieval process more difficult.

These bugs are as follows:

  • Unless every single bullet is nested under a single parent bullet (mine wasn’t lol), you’ll have to manually click each top level/parent bullet one by one. You can’t copy everything at once.
  • Some formatting is lost, like Headings, Heading colours, and bolded bullets
  • Comments are copied and pasted as bullets, rather then as comments. This messes up the indentation of subsequent bullets
  • If you added a paragraph break within a single bullet, this formatting is lost and it’s copied/pasted as separate bullets
  • On the web version, ‘copy to clipboard’ copies EVERYTHING in the view—including ‘back to version’, ‘indentation style’, ‘version history’, version history dates/email/name, ‘load more’, etc. Makes this function unusable, but fortunately, it works correctly on the desktop app!


MacOS Big Sur v11.5.2 (most up-to-date version)
Brave v1.28.106 (most up-to-date version)
Dynalist mac desktop app v1.4.9 (most up-to-date version)

Those indeed sounds like bugs - will try to resolve them soon.

Sorry for your data loss, not exactly sure what may have happened there, but if your session was still active, attempting to undo might have helped?

Either way, I will take a look at these issues and have them fixed.

@Shida Haha, it’s ok! I’ve been using Dynalist for many years (because it’s awesome), and I’ve never had data loss issues. I suspect I accidentically pressed CMD+A (select all) and DELETE intended for a different screen, but did it inside Dynalist without realising. I only noticed a few days later, which was long beyond my opportunity to reverse this mistake!

And also, thanks so much for looking into the bugs! :slight_smile: