2020 October update

Full update: https://blog.dynalist.io/2020-october-update/


Zooming no longer automatically focuses on the item
unless “Auto-focus on first item” is turned on.

You finally did it! I literally hear angels singing right now :slight_smile: I don’t know how long “Auto-focus on first item” has been an option, but with it off the Notes area is finally immediately usable on zoom. This also seems to fix this open feature request that I had, so do you want to mark it as “implemented”?

I’m also going to add a note that this bug can be marked as fixed. Thanks!

Allow duplicating while multi-selecting on mobile.

Good update! I’ve been using it and it is convenient.

Fix Enter would sometimes create a newline rather than a new item when using Gboard on Android.


Selection is now preserved when exiting search.


Dropping a file into an empty folder now highlights it instead of showing a line, making it consistent with dropping a file into a non-empty folder.


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Thanks guys some nice stuff here - thanks for doing the gboard fix, I thought we’d have that forever!

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