Request: Need option to quick open items in non-edit mode


A common occurrence for me is to miss the click on a link in an item’s notes area because the first click toggles MD source mode. A repro GIF will explain this easier:

You can see that I’m targeting the Google link that looks clickable, but the item’s main line has focus. After the first click, the MD source is hidden, and the link shifts up after reformatting. You now have to move the mouse up before you can really click the link. It’s like that game where the unclickable button moves away from your mouse cursor. This is a daily, hourly irritant.


  • Add an option to open items in non-edit mode by default, possibly in Viewing Options or Advanced. Making it off by default would not interfere with anyone’s current workflow.
  • This would apply to any quick-launch type activity, such as Quick Open, Open Any Item, Bookmark click, etc. My common use after such an action is to work with the already created item, not edit it further, and I’m probably not the only one.
  • Implementation should be easy: it’s the equivalent of you hitting Esc as soon as you quick-open an item, but without the extra keyboard key

This seems like the easiest way to address this issue, but please let me know your thoughts.