1 Document or Many?

Hi. im new to dynalist and want to know the best way to approach the initial set up. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Im thinking 1 folder for work and 1 for personal and then 1 document in each of them for EVERYTHING else…good idea?

Do you want to share stuff with others? In that case you need to have multiple files as you can only share files and not nodes.

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image This is what I have, just give you an idea.

The only use of documents is to prevent certain things from showing up when you filter/search with Ctrl-F. If that’s the case, use documents to partition things. If you like how the results filter to show everything that matches in your universe, use one document for everything.

Just curious. What’s the difference between Work and Job?

I put everything apply for jobs in job folder (from interview questions to study notes).

Ah, ok. Always keep your options open eh? :wink:

Yes and no, it is more of necessity if I want to advance my career. Where I work (some positions) will not get advance at all no matter the performance, so the only way get advance is to apply for new position.


I like how 98% of our users are super ambitious about everything! :clap:

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