Show first item next to parent on collapse


I love the nested hierachies of lists. However, when there is only 1-2 items under a parent, it is takes up a lot of vertical space to leave it expanded.

I often find myself adding a colon character to the parent item, and write the first things there before creating a hierachy, but when editing the node, and adding more children to the list, i then have to manually copy it to separate items.

Consider showing the first item next to the parent text, when you collapse a node - or showing the first 50 characters of the sub-level items in a light gray text.


The parent items Notes field can kind of do this, put your first child there instead, and set view to 1 line of notes


i would love something like this. i had the same idea but for showing the next task in the list of grouped tasks

about having to manually copy things to separate itemsā€¦ if you just put the cursor where you want the text to be split and then hit enter, it will be moved onto a new line. you would just have indent it then