Add spell-checking support for desktop apps


Just realize there’s no central feature request post for this one. There have been bug reports about this, and from now on discussion can happen here.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Spellcheck on Linux Beta does not work
Spell checker does't work
The Spellchecker doesn't work on the Windows app

Thanks for adding this Erica! I was just looking to see if it would be considered a “bug” or just a missing feature. This feature is critical for me in using the desktop version of the app. I check in once a month or so to see if it’s been added.


The lack of this makes the Desktop app unusable for me


Thanks for the input guys!


Really would be a big help for my dyslexic ass in the windows app. I have to switch to my markdown program before I can send notes out of dynalist!


Second this. Was just about to launch a bug report for this then came about this thread.


This is disappointing. I just moved here from Workflowy specifically because their desktop app also does not have spelling. Do you have a timeline on implementation?


Sorry, there’s no detailed timeline for this.

The spell checker is basically provided by the browser and we just chose to enable it, which is easy. On the desktop app we need to implement the spell checker from scratch, which is a huge and difficult task. So it’s normal that WorkFlowy doesn’t have it either. I hope that’s understandable!

Really sorry for the inconveniences! :cry:


In fact lack of a normal spellchecker makes Pro version unusable for me. As a bloger I can’t operate with large amounts of text in combination with checklists whout a spellchecker. Not sure why the desktop feature is so difficult to implement. Cause from my point it’s just a UI for Google of Microsoft text\translate APIs. Nothing fancy. Just add this to the Pro version and I’ll gladly pay for it. Otherwise you guys are no better then tons of free alternatives.