Zoom out on desktop


Firstly thank you for all your work on the desktop app, it’s running much better - I do find however the text far too large for my tastes - it might seem petty but it’s important to me to be able see a lot of information on the screen - could we therefore get a zoom (specifically, out) function at some point?



Have you seen the Text size option in the settings? Did you try Ctrl-Minus?

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Even on small I thought it was huge, but I did not know about ctrl and minus, I was trying to control and zoom with my mouse wheel like on a browser, thanks Alan!

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Yeah, @Alan was 100% right. That’s the built-in way to zoom out.

So should I mark this as implemented now, or is Ctrl+Minus still not doing the job?

Ctrl and minus is fine once you know I think, but is that indicated somewhere? I couldn’t see it in the keymap

It’s a browser shortcut, same as Ctrl-N for new window and Ctrl-T for new tab.

As @Alan, is part of the usual shortcuts (like Ctrl+N for opening new).

Also to find all these shortcuts, you can hit Alt once to see the menu. Zoom in and out are under the “View” menu. It’s a little hidden I must admit, since it’s not useful most of the time. We should probably include this information (that you can see the menus with Alt on Windows app) somewhere.