"X days ago" displays wrong relative time

Steps to reproduce

  1. Type in a list item !(2021-02-27)

Expected result

Should display β€œ2 days ago,” since today is March 1.

Actual result

Displays β€œ1 days ago.”


Firefox on Arch Linux

Additional information

Similar thing happens for !(2021-02-26), !(2021-02-25), !(2021-02-24), !(2021-02-23); these should display β€œ3 days ago,” β€œ4 days ago,” etc. but instead display β€œ2 days ago,” β€œ3 days ago,” etc. However, !(2021-02-28) does display correctly as β€œYesterday.”

Should be fixed in the deployment we did just now!


Yes, it is indeed fixed - thank you!