Wow wow wow wow, tag pane!

thank you Erika :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
this is beautiful
Im going to use it so if I see bugs or something I’ll tell


(option to only show tags from that document and not all tags from every document.
edit: this exists actually. lol. excellent .)

although the tags for example appear randomly - I have 6000 “all tags” for example and they only are arranged by frequency but in the last 3000 for example, (only 2 or 1 bullet tagged) they are so messy because theyre not in alphabetical order.

alphabetical order would be great too !

Yes, it’s pretty impressive, particularly for a team that is meant to be on holiday.

They appear to be in order of frequency. It’s good to have a separate list for the current document.

Eventually, it would be even better if it could exclude tags on completed items and have a keyboard shortcut.

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When a tag is clicked in the tag pane a search is initiated for it, taking into account the subtree that’s open (where the user is in). This is the default / current behavior, the same as if search was trigged by Ctrl+F.

Nevertheless, when I first clicked a tag in the tag pane my initial expectation was that a global search (whole document - I have just one) would be executed. Maybe this assumption is not majority because of default behavior.

Do you think a checkbox (or a switch) at the top of the tag pane to user choose between global or contextual search would be of wide utility?

Good idea. Maybe it shouldn’t be an option, since when you click on a tag that’s hidden by completed, nothing shows up which makes it confusing. Simply showing something like “99 tags are hidden by completed” should be enough.


In that case, you should click on the tags under “All documents”. As mentioned in the blog post, we plan to make “Document tags” and “All tags” collapsible, so if you have only one document, maybe collapsing “Document tags” would solve this problem.

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Yep, considering to add that next :slight_smile:

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