Workflowy Import results in many ** surrounding bullets

Reproduce: Import a workflowy outline.

Results: Some bullets end up with several *’s surrounding the text, up to eight e.g. header and content. Also, creates some notes in bold that were not bold, and vice versa.

Sounds like WorkFlowy left some empty bold text segments, which we should ignore.

This repro may not work for all WorkFlowy imports. I imagine it only works if you have repeatedly bolded and unbolded text in WorkFlowy. Will try to repro, and we can always fix the theoretical case.

Thanks for letting us know! :slight_smile:

Interesting. Thanks for getting back to me on this. I will try and de-bold and remove all the workflowy text before re-importing sometime in the future. Still hoping to make the permanent jump soon!

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Or if you can export the entire WorkFlowy as OPML, try replacing <b></b> with empty (essentially removing them) to get rid of the empty bold segments.

I hope that helps!

Great suggestion Erica, thanks. However, the OPML option throws up a host of other issues, namely that > and & type characters are replaced by their equivalent &amp and so on.

I thought I’d found a solution - which was to export Workflowy as plain text (i.e. remove all formatting) - however, it seems that when I attempt to import a plain txt file into dynalist it prepends - to each bullet i.e.

  • - content
    • - content

Any thoughts on a way around this?

Looks like WorkFlowy exported them that way, unlike in Dynalist you can choose to use -, *, or nothing.

Indentation is enough to import the structure, so you should be able to export plain text, remove all "- " that has nothing other than whitespace before it, and paste to Dynalist.

Update: this should be fixed now, thanks again for letting us know!

Thanks! You guys are superstars.

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