Workflowy gets transclusion, same node on different places

I just read in the workflowy slack channel:

And Dynalist?


The WF Development seems to get on track again…

Gonna move this to General since it fits better there I think.

For the feature request itself please see here: Transclusion/clone (display item in multiple places)

I’ve updated the post title so that it’s more clear. Looks like the name “transclusion” is what people agree to all call it :slight_smile:

Actually, this has deep roots in hypertext theory. Ted Nelson coined the term in 1980, and he pointed to his 1965 “Complex information processing…” article in ACM as the first place he explored the underlying concept that he later called “transclusion”.



Understandable… Technically it’s not easy unless WorkFlowy has planned for it from Day 1.


They made the tranclusion again available on the beta channel. With some quirks it works fine. Apparently, backlinking is also on the way. They still lack a lot of the basics that we have in Dynalist but the recent developments are tempting to be honest.


Mmmm wow, with Roam coming along and Workflowy kicking themselves up the butt it’s become far more competitive than a year or two ago. All three have some of the things I want, none have everything - Dynalist is still firmly ahead for me, but that’s perhaps partly because I’m more interesting in task / project management etc and less knowledge management - it’s ultimately good anyway as they will all push each other to greater heights :slight_smile:

But yea … in-line boards and transclusion / backlinks … nice job workflowy


@Alper I’ve been playing around and am in the beta channel according to my settings - can you advise how to test this feature? I can’t see anything to do with it

There is switch for “cloning” in settings, but you need to be logged in their beta app

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You need to login to and open settings. There, you can toggle “Cloning” on.

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Wow it’s nice, really valuable for avoiding the big GTD problem of whether to keep tasks within projects or in separate tasks lists … as much as i have tried i just can’t make searches a part of my main workflow on any of these outliners