WordCount in Mobile

Feeling a bit reluctant cause I don’t want to appear nagging about this - but do you plan to reimplement WordCount again in mobile views again, or will it be confined to the desktop view on laptops permanently?

Just in my case it proved to become a tremendous help in my daily professional work and speeded it up a lot and even made it possible to move all my working into dynalist which provided a lot of comfort and speed.

To give a little background, I professionally write texts for two bigger webprojects and do so on tablet most of the time. Every paragraph of a given structure has to fit into a certain word range so that the whole thing looks as planned then for the company. Permanently switching back and forth between the input and a word counting app to check if you’re in the given word number range is a pain in the ass as you might imagine.

Dynalist in Chrome on Android is very poorly usable when you activate desktop mode of webpages indeed to have the functions, so that’s not really an option (guess that’s why they made mobile views for a good reason). The more just lately it started to live count only in items when you zoom into a single item with note attached, not in the notes, even in desktop mode. For me it worked pretty fine in mobile view (app on android 7) when it first was in but I assume there have been troubles in the background.

I’m aware that this is a pretty special usecase of course and that - given the statistics - mobile use of dynalist isn’t very common obviously anyway. For me it’s just important to have some information about if this ever going to work again - or if I have to re-design my workflow back to where it was before (lacking the structure then that dynalist provides, which would be a pity but well).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, I think you can use custom CSS to accomplish this. For me, adding:

.is-mobile .status-bar {
  display: flex;

to my custom css causes the word count to be visible even in mobile view. I confirmed it appears on my Android phone too.

I think custom CSS might be a Pro feature, so you’ll have to decide whether it’s worth the cost.

Hope this helps!


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Hi Craig,

thanks so much for your help!!!

works perfectly on all my devices and does the job :smiley:

Upgrading was not a big decision indeed, Dynalist has provided a lot of efficiency for all of my work so it was anyway about time to value that in some way :wink:

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Awesome! So glad it helped.

@Swagmen_toSweden: apologies! In the last update we found word count to be pretty out of place on mobile, and we removed it temporarily before we could come up with a better way to replace it.

Sorry about that! Glad that you were able to find a workaround with Graig’s help.

Hi Erica,

Yes, I already assumed there was something like this behind it :slight_smile:
And as for now, it works perfectly for me, so I am pretty relaxedly waiting for some new replacement :slight_smile:

Saying this, btw thanks to you and the team for the really great work you’re doing on dynalist. It’s not too much to say it’s been a game changer for work quality and speed within the last years for me. Just to say :slight_smile:

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