Word count


(Moved from Trello; you can vote for this feature and see past discussion at https://trello.com/c/Mb8nYQtc/29-word-count)

Shows the number of words in a document or in the selected part of the document.\


  • Word count for current document (or zoom level)
  • Word count for the selected items
  • Item count/paragraph count?


One case scenario is writing grant applications or answering questionnaires which have specific word and character limits for different answers. A counter for words/characters in each note would be very useful for this.


It’s easier to display the word count for the note only when it’s actively edited. If the word count is displayed at all times, I imagine it would bring a lot of clutter.


Yes, there’s no need for it when in other cases.


Hi there, any news?


I’m using Dynalist to write a phd thesis. It’s useful for isolating specific sections. I’m currently copying/pasting sections into another program to get the word count. The problem is that notes also get pasted, which, for me, aren’t part of the main text and must be removed one by one to get a word count. It would be great if this feature was built in.

Maybe an optional bit in a status bar that shows the word count for the current ‘list’ being shown (with an option to ignore notes)


@Juan_Noriega @Jamie_Sandhu: thanks for the patience guys.

There’s no concrete dates for this yet, but we’re closer to it on the roadmap than ever before I think. Thanks for being patient!


This is very good news. I also use Dynalist for academic writing, word count feature would mean a huge improvement for me.