Word count wrong in Mac desktop app

Steps to reproduce

I enabled word count and started typing. It produces unreliable results, usually a lot more words (compared to wc or online tools).

Expected result

As I type, the word count increases gradually word by word.

Actual result

As I type, the word count increases almost by a hunder with every word.


OSX Desktop app v. 1.3.5. Custom CSS
It seems to be working in my Chrome browser.

Additional information

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Additional comments

I have a screen recording of this issue, but it’s too big to upload here.

Can you give us a few screenshots of what your text looks like and how it compares to wc and others? I’m sure our algorithm could be tweaked for better accuracy.

Here we go. It’s only a few letters counted as a few hundred words :slight_smile:

Hmm that’s weird… Seems like it’s counting something from the rest of the document. I think I have an idea where this issue is coming from.

I will fix this in the next release.

awesome, thanks :rocket: