Word count bar overlaps search results

Steps to reproduce

Starting from scratch, what are the steps to make the bug happen? The fewer the steps, the better.

  • Enable word count from Settings > Preferences > Input > Show word count
  • Search for something that can show a long list of results, like within: 30d

Expected result

What do you expect to see after carrying out the steps above?

  • All results are displayed for the search term
  • There is space between the result content and the word-count bar

Actual result

Instead of the expected result, what happened?

  • The word count bar overlaps the bottom part of the last result entry


Which operating system are you using?

  • Windows 10

Which browser are you using?

  • Microsoft Edge Chromium [Version 83.0.478.56 (Official build) (64-bit)]

If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist?

  • Windows Desktop app Dynalist 1.3.6.

Are you using any third-party scripts for Dynalist, e.g. PowerPack?

  • No

Additional information

Anything else you think would help our investigation, like a screenshot or a log file? You can drag and drop screenshots to this box. For large amount of text, try putting them into something like Pastebin.

  • This bug exists in both the web version and windows app
  • Screenshots with and without the word count bar:


Additional comments

  • Here’s a screenshot of the space that exists between a long list and the word-count bar. Similar spacing should exist between the search results and the word-count bar.

Are you unable to scroll down further to see the last item in the search?

For me it overlaps, but I can keep scrolling


I think I’ve figured out what’s causing the bug- switching between date related bookmarks [such as within: 30d], and a general bookmark [such as shopping list].

Hopefully, these steps will reproduce the bug:

  • Launch app [windows or web]
  • Open a date related bookmark that has a long list of results [such as within: 30d].
  • Scroll down. You can keep scrolling past the last entry.
  • Open a general bookmark that has a long list of results [such as shopping list].
  • Reopen the date related bookmark.
  • Scroll down. It’ll get stuck at the last entry.

The bug only appears if you reopen or go back to a dated bookmark after opening a general bookmark, and not the other way around. So you can switch from a date related bookmark to a general bookmark, and scrolling in the general list is not affected.

A similar issue seems to be happening when using the brand new Show Backlinks option too. The backlinks display properly for me in every case except for my two bookmarks that are based on time searches (edited:1h and edited:12h). In these cases, the relevant backlinks actually appear ON TOP OF the search results. Hope this gets fixed soon!

@Shida Any updates on this issue?

I have tried the repro steps given and am still unable to get a repro to happen on my end. I was always able to scroll past the end by half a page.

If someone can provide a video and possible a copy of your document so I can load it in, that would be great.