Windows app windows completely disappeared

Steps to reproduce

Start the app.

Expected result

App window opens.

Actual result

App starts, but window is not shown.


Windows 10 1803, Dynalist 1.0.4

Additional information

This just happened after coming back from sleep. Tried to uninstall/reinstall, move window, move window to new desktop, secondary screen. App process is started, icon appears on system tray, but no active window is shown. Winkey+Tab shows the thumbnail of the running application window, but I cannot move it to any of the desktops.

Additional comments

Just checking in, did you close this ticket because you found a solution?

私も同じ事象になりました。Win10 1903 ,Dynalist10.5

Guys, I have a solution:

  1. Hover your mouse on the Dynalist app icon on taskbar to reveal the mini window preview
  2. Move the cursor over the mini window, right-click on it to show the pop-up menu
  3. Choose “Maximize”

There you go.