Windows app doesen't sync bookmarks

Steps to reproduce

Add or delete some list to bookmarks on Windows app.

Expected result

Changes you made can be seen on bookmark pane on other clients(web or android)

Actual result

Changes you make on windows app are not seen on other clients. Howewer this only affects bookmarks, and other stuff syncs normally. All this time label in corner says “Saved” and not “Synced”. If you make changes to bookmarks on other clients, they can be seen only on other clients, but label in the corner on win app now says “Sync now”. When you click “Sync now” on windows app, it loads syncing animation which never stops until you close app(and you can’t close app normally, only with task manager).


Windows 10, Windows app v1.2.0.

It looks like the local data might have been corrupted somehow.

Could you please try the following:

  1. Make sure local data are saved (you can export local unsaved changes to OPML or plain text using the “Export” option in the item menu);
  2. Exit the desktop app;
  3. Rename the following folder “data” to “data-backup”
    Windows: %APPDATA%/Dynalist/dynalist/data
    Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Dynalist/dynalist/data
    Linux: ~/.config/Dynalist/dynalist/data
  4. Restart the app.

That should pull a fresh copy from the server and fix the issue. After that, paste or import the local changes to continue.

Let me know if that fixes it!

Yeah, it worked. Problem solved. Thanks.

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