Windows App always override web changes!

Steps to reproduce

Starting from scratch, what are the steps to make the bug happen? The fewer the steps, the better.

  1. create a list
  2. open it on windows app
  3. change item on the windows app
  4. then change same item on web app
  5. wait for a minute for sync
  6. the web app changes will be overridden by windows app changes even though web app changes was afterwards

Expected result

web app changes should override windows app changes, since it happen after it

Actual result

It seems like windows desktop app always override web application changes



Additional information

Same behavior doesn’t exist between 2 instances of the webapp

Additional comments

@Shida can you take a look?

Does that also happen when you manually trigger sync using [ctrl-s] on desktop before making edits on the web app?

I suspect this is due to the desktop synchronizing after the web app syncs. For more control on the synchronization order, I usually use ctrl-s to force a sync to happen.

Thanks for the tip, the issue doesn’t seem to happen if you trigger sync manually.

i still think though the behavior should be last changes should always win no matter which platform you used to make the changes.


I believe the last changes still always win, it’s just that in your case somehow the changes from the Windows app are recognized as the “last changes”. If the last changes don’t win, the manual sync method is not guaranteed to work either.

(Correct me if I’m wrong @Shida)

In our case, last ‘sync’ always win. If you made changes but for some reason it didn’t get synced until much later, then this change will override any other changes synced after this change but before this change got synced. It’s harder to actually do ‘last change’ because time tracking is inconsistent across client machines and each computer/phone is slightly off from each other and the server.