[[ will pop up item search and make an internal link. What the heck that's super useful, had no idea until accidentally typing it


That is all.


Yeah, I’m constantly using this super useful feature! Let’s take a moment to appreciate how amazing it is…

I’d like to give lots of :heart: to @Erica and @Shida for their brilliant work. Keep it up!

On-topic: I’ve got a tip that I (re-)learned yesterday. If you use a dynalist internal ink url but without the markdown syntax [text](url) then the dynalist decorator will replace this link by the node content. The result looks exactly like the markdown link produced by the auto-completion.
But the great advantage is that you can change the node and all the links (decorations) will be updated!

This is important to me because I have my knowledge base in dynalist and while it grows organically, I have to change and adjust the headings constantly. And not having to manually update all link texts is a huge benefit.


It’s in the Formatting & Shortcuts all the time (at the top too), but I guess you closed it right after started using Dynalist…



Whoa Viktor that’s way better.

Honestly [[ ought to only put the internal url if it results in self-syncing markdown. That’s way better default functionality. I’m going to be manually deleting the markdown each time so it self-syncs the content.


Using naked dynalist links is a high-risk-high-reward business.
On the plus side we get automatic update of link text via the link decorator.
But the downside is that in the “plaint text” we have only a cryptic dynalist link. While this is not a big problem for editing, think about (plaintext) backups. They have only the cryptic link. And if you ever restore a backup dynalist would create new internal links making the old ones nonsensical. Also, we have to be careful not to move a node outside its document because its url would change.
If you used the current static system [text](url) you could at least search for the text and replace all broken links by hand.

In an ideal world, we would have the current markdown syntax [text](url) where the text gets updated when we update the original node. But a script for that would be quite busy searching and updating all links. :smile: