Wiki Functions

I apologize if others have already mentioned this, but the cloning discussion brought it to mind. By way of explanation, cloning or transclusion is a means of avoiding unnecessary duplication of info. Just for an example, if I collaborate with Becky at another agency on several projects, I might want to refer to Becky’s email in these project topics. But if she changes jobs, I might need to update her email in several different places. So having a contacts topic with Becky’s contact info in one place would be useful. Then I can include that in many other places. Wikis often have this kind of functionality in addition to hyperlinking, which Dynalist already supports.

Another powerful wiki function consists of including the results of search operations in a page’s display. Typically this can include tags, categories, and the like. This is a time- and click-saver, because rather than leaving the page you’re viewing to perform a search, the search results are presented in a dynamic fashion right away.
What might that look like in Dynalist? Here’s my conception: The first image is some silly source text on which the searches operate. The second image shows the searches.


I really like this idea! I would love to see this become part of Dynalist.

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In-line search results would be awesome - the lack of this is why I’m constantly switching back and forth between a folder and tag based task system :slight_smile:

I wanted to share another use case, something similar to what I’ve done in a wiki context before.
I would have a Today page where I’d try to pull together all the things that were on my plate for that day.
This example shows a must-do task for that day, two multi-day activities held over from the day before (They’ll stay on this list as long as they have the #today tag.), a scheduled activity/deadline, and a start date. The notion of start dates should really be another topic on its own, but the important thing is the idea of pulling together items from different facets to flesh out a day’s tasks.

I’m a little confused about this “Today” item. Is it actually a list with dynamic contents or is it temporary? And the {{tagged: #example }} syntax seems unable to specify which document it wants to search in, and I’m guessing it automatically searches in the current document?

It’s a list with dynamic contents. For me, the tagged search could be limited to the current document, but I can see that others might have different needs. Perhaps {{tagged-global: #tag }}?

We envisioned to solve this issue with pane, like in split view where you can open multiple documents or multiple instances of the same document, you can open multiple filtered view for this purpose.

The Pro of what you proposed is that it looks familiar, but I think split panes can make better use of the horizontal space. It makes the subsections more readable if they contain 100 rather than 2 results.