Why not working some feature?

Some thing is not working.

Hi. I am pro user. some feature is not working.

  1. Can’t download backup file on dynalist windows app.
  2. Not working daily backup into dropbox.
    I connected dynalist account with dropbox for daily backup.
    But there are not anything in my dropbox.

Could you help me?

Sorry, this is a bug on the desktop app. It’s fixed today (see our weekly update), and fix will arrive on the desktop app a few days later. Meanwhile you can still make backups on the web version, and it’s not a Pro feature.

Looks like you just upgraded 19 hours ago, and Dropbox bakcups runs every 24 hours (in a few hours). Give it a few hours? It should be under Dropbox/Apps/dynalist.

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Thanks for answer :slight_smile:

No problem! Let me know if you have future questions.