Why isn't Dynalist as well known as Workflowy?

After using Dynalist for a few days it is evident that it is more feature rich and a lot better that Workflowy. I am surprised to see that only a few pages list Dynalist in the best outliners. Why is it not very popular?


As a great app, Dynalist will inevitably grow its audience. But apart from being around longer, WorkFlowy has also been the subject of many videos and blogs. It would be great if someone could become an advocate for Dynalist with the same kind of zeal.


I think the primary reason is that WorkFlowy was launched in 2010, and Dynalist was in 2015. As time goes on, I hope we can be more popular.

WorkFlowy was also a product of a Y Combinator company, which pretty much wins them free PR at the time of the launch (link to TechCrunch article). We were 100% bootstrapped, so we mostly grew with word of mouth.

And many of the features we developed were aimed at power users who wants to get to the next level with their outlines, and many WorkFlowy users might not even need them.

Does that answer your question, @Samuel_Moses_A? :slight_smile:

Definitely! If anyone wants to become our advocate, we’d really appreciate it! :smile:


How come? :open_mouth: I thought they are doing pretty good?

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I should have used better words. I wanted to say that you were better feature wise

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Okay! Thanks for that :slight_smile:

I think they are trying to improve though, and we should even try harder to improve. Hopefully Dynalist will get more popular!


Keep your eyes open. They just completed a ground-up rewrite, so next step will (presumably) be major improvements.


I really think Dynalist should create an official YouTube channel, and everytime you implement some cool new feature or have some tips and tricks, you can create a short 1 min video for it. And if you don’t want to monitor the comments you can just disable it. Maybe even contact some popular YouTuber (relate to productivity) see if they can create a video in their channel by offer some Pro time :slight_smile: I think in today’s age many people got their information from video site (especially YouTube), and since it is free I really think it’s a big miss opportunity don’t have one (just check Workflowy have 40 videos on YouTube right now). I even have an idea making some kind musical out of dynalist, but too bad I don’t really know how to make good video. Happy holidays to all and wish Dynalist “Live Long and Prosper” :slight_smile:


I think KC is right more Video’s like “How To Video”, " Pro Features" on YouTube would be helpful to het Dynalist to a broader audience and more (PRO) users.

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YouTube has become a great platform for ads. Dynalist must definitely try that and ask some Youtubers for advertising

“Back when”, I used WorkFlowy, and I got to know about it from people who were using it. And “back when”, I tried Dynalist because I heard about it from people who were using it.

If you like Dynalist, by all means, mention it. If you use Twitter of Facebook, just share your love and enthusiasm for the product every now and then. If you use Instagram, post a screenshot of something cool you did.


I learned WorkFlowy from the seeing the Book and reading the Blog. I was dissatisfied with OneNote’s mobile options at the time and was seeking something different.

I learned DynaList from WhatsBetterThan websites because I had frustrations with Workflowy.

In general I discover tools from channels I listen/watch/read promoting the tool.

You guys have an exceptional development and customer relations team (the best I’ve ever seen) - as long as that doesn’t change the dynalist user base will grow and grow I’m sure :slight_smile: I’m very excited about the 2019 announcement that you’re working on collaboration … now that would really be next level (i.e. allow competition with Asana etc) and potentially open up a lot more people that wouldn’t consider it for the lack of those features


I never saw this?

A bit further down on the latest blog post:

" In 2019, collaboration and extensibility will be our two biggest themes. We want Dynalist to work better for teams"

I have no idea what extensibility means though :smiley:

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I think it means programming by DynaList power-users, and I think that means people will connect DynaList to other apps, besides having customized DynaList.

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I’m curious about this too. As I recently changed to Dynalist -today in fact, haha. So far so good though. It has the speed and ease of Workflowy but much more feature rich that I was wanting.

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I think it would be good PR and for building the community to know a bit more about the team (I’m not being nosey!) I had a look on the site and LInkedIn and couldn’t find anything about Dynalist, the company, or the team. We all know about how powerful the tool is and how good the support is, but perhaps some potential users think it is a “bedroom project”?

Yes, with WorkFlowy there seem to be a lot of posts about different ways of using it and potential applications. In fact the reason I changed from WorkFlowy was that all their blog posts were from a power user with yet another way of using it, but never any product updates!

Another of my favourite tools, AirTable, has loads of posts about usage scenarios and templates.

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About: https://dynalist.io/about
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericaxu/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/lishid/ and https://www.linkedin.com/company/dynalist/

It was pretty easy to find…?

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