Why Dynalist is Best Code Snippet Manager


I wrote a blog post explaining why dynalist is the best code snippet manager + notetaker IMO for doing any type of development type of work, and how it compares to using other software tools like github, gistboxapp, quiver, etc

hopefully someone finds this helpful :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks @piotr for powerpack2, makes my life so much easier


also I wrote this really long post on freecodecamp on how i organize learning through structured course notes in general

its over here

i dumped a ton of gifs on there and some examples of my notes

would’ve put it on my blog but I didn’t think the formatting would come out nicely and I got lazy


Thanks. Saved both posts to Instapaper and added your blog to my Feedly.

Good writing, good thinking


My only issue is that some of my code snippets contain ` backticks so the markdown gets all messed up.


I am astounded, I have no idea how half this stuff is even done. I will have to read this when I have more time.


thats the unfortunate downside of it, I just learned to get really good at copy pasting