Where to find help with color etc bar at bottom

New user here. I cannot figure out how to use the options bar across the bottom. I can make a line a color, but then the options stay there; cannot get back to my current doc unless I refresh the page. Also, changing or clearing the color does not work. Again, all the choices stay there. Tested other options, such as heading - same problem. I’m sure it’s my not knowing what to do. Tried to find the instructions under Help, but no luck. Very frustrating, so hope someone will point me to the help area for this. Thanks

Hi @Dana_Cassell, welcome! Fellow user here. Can you tell us if you’re using Dynalist in your browser, or a desktop app, or on your phone?

I’m using it in a Chrome browser. But I may have figured some of it out. If I right-click on the “dot” at the beginning of a line, that same menu of options appears and works properly. So I’m wondering if the bar across the bottom needs to be ignored. If so, why is it there? Thanks for your reply, Craig.

Hi Dana, a screenshot would be useful if you know how to take one.

My guess is that you may have zoomed in the browser a bit so the mobile view activated. Could you please try zooming out a bit with Ctrl+Minus sign and see if that helps.

Erica, you hit the nail! I have a bad habit of downsizing my windows as I am usually working in or watching more than one at a time. I have learned to full-screen for apparent problems, but never thought to do that this time. My apologies. In the meantime, I have installed the iPhone app and saw the same bar there. When I go full-screen on the desktop, that lower bar does go away and the options alert shows to the left as it was designed. Thank you both for the help, and, again, my apologies for the bother.

No worries! Let us know when you have more questions.

Great! Glad it’s sorted out for you.

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