Where is Open Dyslexia, as advertised

In the help menu, it says there is an option to turn on the dyslexia friendly font, and this application is listed on the OpenDyslexia website. I just tried to find the font in the preferences on both the web app and the windows app and it’s nowhere to be seen. Why would people choose to make an application less accessible?

Check if you have this on your Dynalist. It’s supposed to be available to anyone.

It’s there in the list of free font choices. Doesn’t even need Pro.

And if you want it on other websites, you can make it the default with a bit of CSS or javascript injection via an extension like https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/opendyslexic-for-chrome/cdnapgfjopgaggbmfgbiinmmbdcglnam?hl=en