Where does Dynalist Desktop app for Mac (aka Electron) store its local version of Dynalist data?

Recently started using the Dynalist desktop app for Mac (learned from Big Chungus - thank you - that this is based on the Chrome Electron version). One of the reasons I started using it, is it is advertised as being able work if you’re offline, which is great. Am wondering:

  1. Where is the local version of the data stored on my Mac?
  2. Can a copy of that local version of the data act as a backup? I.e. if I had a copy of it and somehow lost all of my regular local version AND all of the hosted version, could I do a restore from the copy of the desktop Dynalist data (presumably it’s in some database form?)?

Reviving this conversation to see if anyone knows the answers to my questions regarding the desktop app (i.e. Chrome Electron version).

Consider the moo.do desktop app that is very similar to dynalist but lets you make local-only documents https://www.moo.do/blog/local-files/

Dynalist hasn’t yet added true offline-only mode, it still syncs when network is detected. https://trello.com/c/46l658SA/146-pro-true-offline-mode

Storage location depends on operating system, but on my mac, Activity Monitor shows the app is opening /Users/me/Library/Application Support/Dynalist/dynalist/data which appear to be plain text json of each document, same as you get when you request a document from the API. I’m not sure what all steps are needed to move those to a different computer, but they do look to have all the document data, so you could recover the last version of the document was last on your desktop app from that, technically, yeah.