When select hide checked items, remove checked items from functions (ex. mind map, move to.....)

I’m not sure I should put this under features or bugs (it feel more like bugs), but I’d like to suggest that when we select to hide checked items, the checked items should also not be shown in the following functions. Personally, I keep the checked items for about a year, but that costs to display the checked list in different areas that I don’t want to see, the only time I want to see a checked list is when I search for is:completed or select show checked items. Thanks.

Mind map
Move to
Open item finder
Backlinks (I disable this function because it show so many checked items)
[[Internal Link]]

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That’s a fair request - I will think about it as each of the components would need to deal with it in a slightly different way (for example, move to is cross-document, but the hide checked flag can be on a per-document basis). Thanks!

Thanks for the consideration. If it is too difficult to hide checked items result per-documents basis, perhaps the result can be based on global settings. And please also add [[Internal Link]] as part of the request. Thanks.

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Thank you very much for fixing this “bug”, now I can finally re-enable the backlinks. :smiley: