When rearranging points in a number list, force counting of points in said list

Whenever I move a point within a number list, it will sometimes start counting again. Once I expand/collapse the subpoints, it recounts the items in the main list and corrects the numbers.

This might be helpful if it happened be default, a few milliseconds after a point was moved.

The counting is done by the browser with a CSS trick, so unfortunately the browser has most of the control here.

I tried moving an item inside a numbered list with Ctrl+Up/Down and drag and drop, the numbers seem to be updating alright (I’m using the desktop app).

How are you moving them, and which platform are you on? Also, how often do you see the issue happening? Thanks.

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I can’t reproduce this on Safari macOS, but I believe that I was dragging and dropping them. It might have been on Chrome for Windows 10. It was happening almost always.

Hmm, I happened to be using latest Chrome on Windows 10 to repro but failed to.

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