When dragging a bullet into another, is it possible to make it be the first child of the new parent instead of last child?

Some of my bullets are what I think of as “categories” - they have no useful info but hold children with useful info. And often the children are categories as well. Sometimes I want to move something into a category and do so by dragging it. Now, had I used the keyboard shortcut to “move to” (cmd-m on mac) another item, I can configure in the settings (advanced settings) whether this will put it at the start or end of the destination. But is there any way I can make dragging an item work the same for me, putting at the start of the destination?

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Don’t think so. Could only suggest having the destination expanded. File explorers will often have an auto-expand if you drag over/under a target but that would have to be a feature request (assuming it’s even possible).